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Multisorb Blog

TranSorb Reduces Risk and Financial Liability Associated with Shipping Cargo

August 18, 2017

Over 16 trillion dollars in exported freight is shipped worldwide every year.  Goods are transported from manufacturing, packaging, and logistics facilities to the places where they will be stored, sold, or used.  During transit and storage, fluctuation in environmental conditions can generate container rain and excess humidity that cause condensation on and in product packaging.  Unprotected cargo can be damaged; resulting in substantial monetary losses, customer disappointments and a negative ripple effect through the supply chain.

Let's take a look at what these losses could potentially equate to in damaged cargo alone notwithstanding expedite charges, sorting, labor.  Let’s say for instance that you're the logistics manager at a manufacturing facility and you are responsible for shipping finished product to its final destination.  Your typical annual shipping volume is 1,200 containers per year and each container has approximately $30,000 worth of product inside ($36,000,000 annually).  If 2% of that amount of goods is damaged in a given year, that could result in $720,000 in loss.  As the damaged cargo percentage increases the losses obviously do as well exponentially; a 5%, loss would equate to $1.8 Million dollars.  If it was a bad year and you experience 15% in damage that would amount to a whopping $5.4 Million in loss.

Protecting your cargo from excess humidity and container rain with TranSorb pays itself off several times over even if you were to experience 1% of damage using the example outlined above.  Working with Multisorb is a no-brainer; we make top quality products right here in Buffalo, NY and having been in business since 1961 will be here as a long term partner for many years to come.  How much is piece of mind worth?  TranSorb is the best most cost effective insurance policy you can have when it comes to protecting your cargo during shipment and storage.  You can learn more about TranSorb here:

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